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Here are some known issues and how to fix them. If your issue isn't covered here please report it at the bottom of the page so we can solve it for you as quickly as possible.


I can't drag screenshots out of Shotty and into other applications

In some cases, there may be a bug that is causing an issue where you can't drag screenshots out of Shotty. A fix for this bug has been submitted to Apple for review and should be available shortly.

i use Dropbox but I don't see the option to enable dropbox syncing

Some people may experience this issue, particularly if they have multiple Dropbox accounts (for example a Dropbox for Business account and a Personal Dropbox account). A fix for this issue is in the works. Please stay tuned.

I'm taking screenshots, but they're not appearing in Shotty. How do i fix this?

Do you have Dropbox configured to "Share screenshots using Dropbox"Turning on this setting in Dropbox causes Dropbox to quickly move your screenshots out of the designated folder and into the "Screenshots" folder in Dropbox before Shotty is able to detect them. Don't worry, we love Dropbox too, and there are a few ways to solve this issue:

Option 1: Give Shotty permission to access your 'Screenshots' folder in Dropbox.

In Shotty, click on the gear icon to open Preferences. Under preferences click "Allow" on the tile that says "Do you use Dropbox screenshot syncing?"

Option 2: Turn off "Share screenshots using Dropbox" in Dropbox's Preferences.

This will turn off the feature in Dropbox that automatically moves your screenshots into Dropbox. Dropbox will no longer automatically create links to your screenshots when this setting is turned off. If you'd like to continue using this feature in Dropbox, we'd recommend going with Option 1.

How do i take screenshots?

Shotty lets you take screenshots using the standard Mac shortcuts, so you don't have to change your workflow. If you'd like to learn the shortcuts to take screenshots on your Mac, visit 'How To Take Screenshots on Your Mac' from Apple.

My issue isn't Listed here, how do I report it?

We're here to help. Please report your issue and we will help you as quickly as possible. It's important to us that Shotty helps you work faster and smarter, so please report your issue with confidence that we're going to do everything we can to help you right away. Thanks for using Shotty!

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