My Products

Shotty - Faster Access To Your Screenshots on Mac

Shotty is an award-winning Mac app I created to give you instant access to all your recent screenshots, right from the menu bar. You can even add annotations on-the-fly. Stop wasting time digging through Finder for your screenshots! I promise it’ll change your workflow forever (just read the App Store reviews!).

Blox UI Kit

Design beautiful apps in half the time. Blox is a design system built from clean and modern components that can be used to build any kind of app. Starting your project from this UI Kit is the smartest way to supercharge your workflow and deliver beautiful results. Easy to use and endlessly customizable.


My Portfolio

Tilt: Organize

The Organize feature in Tilt was the heart and soul of the product. Organizers could quickly raise money for anything. The Chainsmokers, Conan O'Brien, Snoop Dogg, families, sports teams, neighborhoods, and more used Tilt's Organize feature to bring their ideas to life. See how we designed this much-loved feature.

Tilt: Onboarding

See behind the scenes of how we used magic to help Organizers collect more money by making invites ridiculously easy. Not only did Organizers tilt more successfully, it was also an important way to help new users discover Tilt and eventually become Organizers themselves. 

Tilt: Tutorial

Read about one of Tilt's experiments to teach users how collect money from their friends. See if we were able to make Organizers more successful and prolific by showing them a simple and friendly tutorial. I also show how content drove the screen design more than visual decoration.


My Writing


Information Architecture: The Most Important Part of Design You're Probably Overlooking.

Viewed over 38,000 times, this is my most popular blog post. If you want clean and focused design, you must start with clean and focused information architecture. In this piece I explain what information architecture is, why it's so important, and why good information architecture is timeless.


More work


Design news delivered daily.


Reimagining grocery shopping on iPad.

Zen Timer

A simple meditation timer for iPhone.


Tilt: Tickets

Mobile ticketing for event organizers.


Tilt: Send Money

Send and receive money with friends.


Tilt: Groups

Do something with your squad in one tap.



Signing up for Uber for kids.



A more efficient theme browser.



Home automation made easy.


Tilt: Organizer Tools

Manage your campaign on the go.

Prototyping: Swift

Prototyping natively for Tilt on iOS.

Prototyping: Framer

Animating with code for Tilt's Android app.



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