Resources for designers

A useful collection of resources to help you design better and faster. Includes icons, fonts, templates, UI Kits, tools, and more. I also post new resources on Twitter.

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Tidy and clean line icons in a font. You can always convert to outlines in Sketch if you need to export as SVG.



A beautiful, round, squat typeface. This font looks especially nice at bolder weights. Poppins has a nice clean and modern feel.



Radnika is a workhorse typeface. Clean and modern, Radnika works great as a big bold title, or as tight and dense body text.

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A beautiful Javascript animation engine. Check out the website to see some really slick examples of what can be done with this well-crafted animation library.


A collection of common cursor states in macOS as SVGs. These come in handy when you need to show a specific interaction state.


UI Faces

Need realistic looking avatars for your mockup? Skip the cheesy stock photos and head over to UI Faces to browse real avatars tagged with age, gender, emotion and hair color. Wow.


Sketch Isometric Plugin

Looking for a slick and trendy way to display your mockups? Easily generate Isometric views from Artboards and Rectanglesin Sketch.


Principle Templates

Unofficial starter templates for the popular motion design tool, Principle. A great way to get inspiration and look under the hood of some really beautiful animation.

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iOS 11 iPhone GUI

The most accurate and robust UI Kit of stock iOS 11 components. Free from the Facebook Design team, a great resource for the community.



Spice things up with a trendy gradient. coolHue has a big library of options with pretty good range. Just don't go too crazy with the gradients.



One of my favorite tools in the world. Abstract keeps designers sane by solving versioning of design files. No more "v5_Final_FinalFinal_FINAL.sketch"!



Access your recent screenshots from the Mac menu bar. Quickly drag and drop into other applications, and easily annotate screenshots for better communication.



Give your UI a clean and consistent look with this free collection of beautifully designed line icons with a round and friendly feel.

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Easily add high-quality animation to any native app. This library allows you to use After Effects animations in iOS, Android, and React Native apps.

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A collection of publicly available design systems and pattern libraries. Useful for learning, inspiration, or to pick your poison for your next project.